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In the film, we are shown the brutality of war. The inhumanity, the struggle, the depravity of human existence. We see that unlike previous wars, civilian populations were not in the clear during the Second World War. Neither side of the conflict fought in a respectable way and moral deprivations occurred daily by every army of the day. The reality is if you were a person who grew up under Nazi rule, chances are you would have been a Nazi. Just as if you grew up under soviet rule, you would have been a Bolshevik who would fight just so Stalin could send you to the Gulag or a forced labor camp in Siberia. If you were lucky enough to not be condemned for treason against Russia because you were a prisoner of war, you may have been able to occupy east Germany were the rape of German women was so high that suicide rates exploded post WWII. If you were born in Japan, you would have been a Japanese soldier who at the battle of Okinawa pulled American soldiers into caves and torched, beheade…


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